Get the status of a professional trader and 500 USD for winning the Tournament


Grand Capital Cup

Next round: 4 d,19 h

Monthly traders' Tournament on demo-accounts

2024年4月25日 — 2024年4月26日

Main Prize: 500 USD with the withdrawable
profit and the ‘Professional trader’ status.

Contestants get a demo-account with 10 000 USD initial balance for their trades and demonstrate their skills in trading.

The trader with the largest profit by the end of the Tournament will receive 500 USD for trading. The profit from trading these funds can be withdrawn. This prize is deposited into the trading strategy account in the GC Invest system. The trading strategy of the Tournament winner receives special mark about trader’s qualification and will be subsequently promoted among investors.

The trading is made using the special Tournament demo-account with the initial balance of 10 000 USD.

Duration of the Tournament: 24 hours, starting from 3:00 pm on Thursday and till 3:00 pm on Friday (by terminal trading time).

Trading platform for the Tournament: MetaTrader 4, Web Trader.

Instruments for trading: currency pairs, metals.

Read the full regulations of the Tournament.
1st place


500 USD into the trading account

2nd place


Additional 200 USD Bonus to the deposit

3rd place


Additional 150 USD Bonus to the deposit

4th place


Additional 125 USD Bonus to the deposit


第%(round)s轮 343

当前状态: 竞赛结束

优胜者: 109515397

查看排行榜 2024年3月29日 16:00


下一轮竞赛: 4 日,19 小时 之后

第%(round)s轮 344

当前状态: 开放报名

查看参赛者名单 2024年4月25日 16:00

Hurry up to register!

until the end of registration for the Grand Capital Cup

Take Part in the Tournament

How to participate in the Tournament:

Only active traders of Grand Capital broker can take part in the Tournament. If you are new to our services, please: open an account, finish its verification and make at least one trade. After that, you will qualify for participation in the Tournament.

  • Open an account at Grand Capital or login to your existing account

  • Apply for the participation in the upcoming Tournament and wait for its start

  • Trade on the Tournament account as actively as you can

  • The contestant with the largest profit gets the prize


当前排名 (第%(round)s轮 344, 25.04.2024)

排名 姓名 城市 帐户 结余
1 Nicanor Soglo 109518513 $ 10 287.20
2 Nandlal Prajapati 109518947 $ 10 000.00
3 Aous Hossam Aldeen 109518960 $ 10 000.00
4 Peter Perrone Gattatico 109518968 $ 10 000.00
5 Kesav 109518978 $ 10 000.00
6 amin shabani 109518983 $ 10 000.00
7 خالد محمد حج حسن حماد&#16 109518990 $ 10 000.00
8 Nghiep Lam Vi 109519004 $ 10 000.00
9 زين ناصر 109519014 $ 10 000.00
10 daryoush mohammadi 109519038 $ 10 000.00

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The Tournament FAQs

  • What is Grand Capital Cup Tournament?

    Grand Capital Cup Tournament is a competition of traders on demo-accounts. Any client of Grand Capital broker can take part in this contest. Every participant gets a demo-account with the same start balance. The trader is free to trade whatever trading asset, use the balance in full or in part. The winner is the trader with the largest balance on account in the end of the Tournament.
  • What is the main prize?

    The winner receives 500 USD into trading account, the profit from trading this prize is withdrawable. The prize is deposited into the trading strategy account. The winner’s trading strategy receives special mark about the trader qualification in the GC Invest service.
  • Is participation in the Tournament free of charge?

    The participation in the Tournament is free of charge and is open to any active user of Grand Capital services. To qualify as an active user it is enough to:
    • have a verified account;
    • have at least 10 USD on the account (not taken from you for participation);
    • have at least one trade in the trading history.
  • How to get a prize?

    The winner receives personal congratulations to an email-address. A notification in the Private Office also appears.

    To receive the prize, the winner must contact the Grand Capital broker’s Customer Support, and then make a post about the victory in any social network.

    The Customer Support manager will particularize the name of the trading strategy and the investor’s commission. The prize will be deposited into the trading strategy account.
  • How to join the Tournament?

    1. To open a new account or to login to the Private Office of the already existing account at Grand Capital Broker;
    2. Go to the Tournament web page;
    3. Push the ‘Take Part in the Tournament’ button on the Tournament webpage;
    4. The demo-account will be created automatically and appear in the list of accounts in the Private Office;
    5. The contestant will receive an email to his/her e-mailbox with login details to the Tournament account;
    6. When the Tournament begins, make trades and do your best for the victory. Good luck!
  • Where can I learn the time and date of the next Tournament?

    1. Read our Blog;
    2. Subscribe to our email newsletters;
    3. Join our social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Telegram;
    4. Check this Tournament webpage from time to time. There, the countdown will measure the time left to the next round;
    5. The info banner will appear in the Private Office one week before the next round.
  • On which account the trading operations for the Tournament are performed?

    Trading operations for the Tournament are managed on the special demo-account with the initial deposit on it. Trading conditions are identical to those of the Standard type trading account. You can check the full trading account specifications here.
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